Bucky Fowler grew up in a musical family. His father Don Fowler was one of the finest guitarists around, so naturally when Bucky showed an interest in learning to play at age 9 he had an opportunity to be mentored by one of the best! He and his brothers were playing music professionally in their teens. Bucky has continued his love of performing for over forty years now.


He is steeped in Classic Country and Classic Rock, but also love Bluegrass, Gospel and enjoys performing other genres of music as well. For several years Bucky and his brothers performed all around the Midwest in their group known as “The Fowler Brothers Band” working with many Nashville artists.


Bucky met his wife Karla in college. She joined the band a few years later as a harmony vocalist. Bucky and Karla have three daughters, also growing up surrounded by music. They began performing at an early age and are now using their stage name “Southern Charm.”


Kristine, the eldest is married and has three young sons and is an assistant administrator at a local corporation.


Kelcy is married with four young children. She has her own award winning children’s dance studio in Wichita.


Kandace is a professional hair stylist.